Upload Logo

Logo’s can be uploaded to increase your brand public awareness.

However, the logo image will be reduced in size if it is greater than 500 pixels in width or height.

Reducing the size of logos increases the speed of the system and emails being loaded by the user.


If you don’t have a logo on a device try the “Website Logo Copy” method below this first method.

To upload your logo from your PC, laptop or devices local storage:


  1. Logon to Bookings Essential Admin
  2. Go to “Settings-Business Details”
  3.  Click on “Choose File…”
  4. Select your logo from your devices folders
  5. Then click or tap “Upload Logo”
  6. Logout and log back in.

If you don’t have a logo on your device’s local storage you can simply copy it from your Website.

  1. Go to your website
  2. Right mouse click on your logo
  3. Copy the Logo Image Address

4. Then go to Bookings Essential Admin – https://admin.bookingsessential.com/settings.aspx

5. Click “Choose File” 

6. In the Dialog box paste in the copied website logo image address

   — (on Apple Devices you may need to copy the address to the search text box)

7. Click Open to close the dialog box

8. Click Upload Logo.

9. Logout and then log back in.