Update Session Casual Price On Schedule

Update Session Casual Price across already Scheduled Sessions

Sometimes you may want to update your session prices from a certain date going forward, without changing the history of sold session prices in the past.

To make a “Casual rate” price change to classes already created in the schedule
1. Go to “Settings – Session Types”
2. Edit the Session type you are changing
3. Change the “Autofill Price Value” to what you want.
4. Check the “Update Schedule From” check box
5. Choose the Start Date of the price change with the Date Picker
6. Then click the “Update Session Type Details” button.

This works for all of the session types Autofill values:

  • Caution: Be sure you want to apply the change of all fields displayed, to all sessions going forward.

And as usual, any new sessions created in the schedule will be autofill to these defaults when chosen by the Session Editor.