Update Debit Prices in Bulk

Sometimes you may want to update the price of a debit pack across all those currently in use.

To do this there are a few steps to extending debit pricing in Bulk:

  1. IMPORTANT: Go to “Settings-Member Packs” and sort by “Debit” by clicking on that column heading.
  2. Edit the price of the Member Packs checked as Debit.
    1. Ensure “Display Online” is unchecked. (stops anyone buying it as a once-off, not a recurring debit)


  1. Go to “Settings-Debit Packs”
  2. Edit the Debit Packs where the Member Pack Price is
    1. When the pop-up editor opens click on the “Package” dropdown top right, reselect the Member Pack… and the price should update and recalculate.
  3. Click the Update Debit Pack Button bottom left. i.e. Save the update first… next we do the bulk bit

And finally…

  1. Re-edit the Debit Pack and check the ‘Update Existing Active Debits From’ checkbox and set the update date for when you want it to commence.

The Update does not happen instantly… it happens overnight at around 1.00 am on the day selected for the change.