Top 5 Online Success factors for your Business

Your website is no longer just your Online Brochure

Why? …. Simple!…. How do you book a service these days ?


You Google it….. On your phone!


In the old days your website was the place where you clients could see who you are and check out your pricing on their Laptops. Those days are gone. As they should be.

My father asked me for the Yellow Pages the other day…. He’s 76!

I said are you Joking?… and introduced him to “SIRI”.


Now your website is your clients “Go To” for all matters of your business. It should supply your clients with everything they need to connect, plan and make payments with your Business.


The most important Online success factors for your Business.

Number One:

  • The Google Map Entry

While there are all kinds of service “Directory Listings” out there… this one is by far the most important.

This is where people Google your service by location e.g.

  • “Massage Surry Hills”
  • “Fitness Trainer Brunswick”
  • “Yoga Penrith”
  • “Pilates Fremantle”

Enrol your business with Google Maps, it’s that simple. –


Number Two:

  • The Service Bookings Page

This is without question the single largest traffic driving source to your website. They say that 70-80% of your business is existing clients.

This means if your clients are going to your website every time they book or check a booking with you then your Google Traffic Click Through score will absolutely go through the roof!



If your clients are not going to your website to make bookings then your losing Google Rankings to your competitors.


Number Three:

  • Website Menu Structure

How many menus do you have on your website ? 6…?…..More?


Your clients are like you. What is the minimum amount of words you can tell me to convince me buy your product.

They have a maximum of 5 Questions in this order:

  1. Who Are you – Menu = “Home
  2. What do you Sell – Menu = “Services
  3. How Much is That = “Prices
  4. Can I book it Now – Menu = “Bookings
  5. Can I call you – Menu = “Contact Us


They are not there to look at your gallery or read your Blog. When was the last time you read someones old newsletters ?


Number Four:

  • Keep Communication Constant

Booking Reminders– These have shown to increase attendance rates by over 30%

These keep your business constantly in your clients mind.

Ensure your Reminder emails have a link to your Bookings Page.


Get your newsletters linking to your website.

Once again if you can urge your existing clients to click on your Website for information then once again you have increased your Google Rankings of your Business’s Services in your Locality.

Make your newsletters fun.



Number Five:

  • Presentation – Be Professional

Present a professional image with your website and your advertising.

Own your Business Website Name (Domain Name) and Email.

Be “”

Would you buy services from a GMAIL account ?

Would you go to eBay to find a “Hair Stylist” ? Probably not.

You’re selling a “Personal Service”… emphasis on the “Personal”

If you’re going to get an ABN then you need to commit to the business’s success by presenting the image that you are going to be here in 2 years time.


Convince your clients of your commitment to them by showing your commitment to your business.

The likelihood of surviving 4 years in Health and Fitness industry is not good at best.


OK that’s it for Now:

Running a Service Industry Business is not easy but you can make it easier by utilizing smart applications and sound online business practices.

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