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Getting Started:

  1. Initial Setup  – This training video covers
    1. The purpose of Bookings Essential
    2. Your Business details set up – Automatically Displayed on your invoices and Emails.
    3. Taxes – Detailed
    4. Locations
    5. Staff – Basic
    6. Session Types
    7. Member Packs
    8. Credit Card Processing set up – Stripe – Basic
    9. Email Server Setup for outbound Email – Basic
    10. Schedule of Services – Basic
    11. The Clients Login Insert for your website – Basic


  1. Detailed look at creating your services schedule
  2. Set Closures – Holidays
  3. Sessions that the Client can choose online
  4. Update Session Casual Price across the entire existing Schedule
  5. Restrict clients from booking too far ahead
  6. Session Video Links with Zoom (Manual Setup)


  1. Initial Set up – Book Current Clients and Get their Packages up to date
  2. Detailed look at the Bookings pages
  3. Refunding Stripe Bookings


  1. Client Signup Forms and Storing details not standard
  2. Merge and Delete Duplicate Clients
  3. Client Member Pack Restricted
  4. Client Member Package Expiry Extend in Bulk
  5. Refund – Client Member Pack Transfers
  6. Special Client Discounts
  7. Client Account Credit
  8. Client COVID-19 Vaccination Tracking (Optional)

Invoice & Payment Methods:

  1. Built-in Credit/Debit Card Processing
  2. How to send out unpaid or partially paid invoices
  3. Merge Attended Unpaid Bookings into a Single Invoice
  4. Merge Attended Unpaid Bookings Into a Single Package
  5. Merge Unpaid Invoices into Unpaid Invoices – simplify client’s debt
  6. Share Packages with 2 or more clients
  7. Client Account Credit
  8. Client Member Pack Restricted
  9. Use Promo Codes for special promotions on your packages
  10. Payment Links – For Emails, Facebook or your website
  11. SquareUp – Integration


  1. Refunding Stripe Bookings
  2. Refund – Client Member Pack Transfers
  3. Refund – Client Invoices to “Account Credit”

Direct Debiting / Payment Contracts

  1. Direct Debiting Overview (Recurring Payments)
  2. Single Debits (non-recurring payments):
    1. Creating New Invoices for Item, Charging Fees, Adding items / Fees to existing Invoice.
  3. Client Bank Account Change
  4. Put Direct Debits on hold (in bulk)
  5. Update Debit Pricing (in bulk)

Currently our Australian Debiting is:

    1. Its free to sign up with no monthly charges.
    2. Sign up at their website
    3. Contact us when you are approved.

Staff Hours and Pay Rates

  1. Setting up Staff Pay Rates

Instructor Mobile Phone Web App

  1. How to use the instructor Mobile Application

Templates (Emails / Newsletters / Notes):

  1. How to create and use Letter / Email / Note Templates


  1. Google Mail & GMail Mail Integration
  2. Microsoft Office365 – Outlook365 Mail Integration
  3. Setup GMail as your SMTP Server
  4. Update BE Google SMTP Mail Password
  5. Check email delivery with SendGrid.
  6. Bulk Emailing / Newsletters
  7. Bulk Emailing Recently Booked Clients
  8. Mailchimp Integration

Workshops and Courses

  1. Courses, Workshops, & Regular Session Types – A definition
  2. Workshops & Courses Overview – Add On
  3. Workshop/Course Management Case Study

Add ons:

  1. SMS Reminders and Waitlist Notifications


  1. Top 5 Online Success factors for your Business
  2. How to clear your browser Cache for latest files

Support Ticket:

  1. How to take a Screenshot for support
  2. Log a Support Ticket here… :

Support Ticket:

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