SMS Reminders & Waitlist Notification

Sometimes you may want to send SMS Reminders to clients who don’t like Email (or don’t have Email).

This feature is currently an addon and to activate it go to:

  • Settings-Addons
  • SMS Client Reminders.

There you can purchase a small block of 100 credits to test with or a larger block to save a little money.

The Addon page is where you can track your SMS count remaining but you will also receive 50, 20 10, 5,4,3,2,1 count down emails.

You can also setup Waitlist SMS settings as per the first image below.

PLEASE NOTE: Sending SMS requires approval of the “SMS Display Name” by the local regulartory body to prevent SMS Scams. This usually is very quick… 24 hours typically.

Clients requiring SMS notifications are selected as per below image.

You don’t get a copy of the SMS but all SMS’s are logged in Reports-SMS Summary.

SMS “Session Reminders” are shown as “SMS” in the bookings page in the column reserved for showing Email Reminders. (You can’t miss it… Bright Blue “SMS“)