Set Closures & Holidays

Sometimes you may want to set closures or holidays for a set duration of days in your existing recurring schedule without removing all of the existing recurring sessions or bookings.

NB: To extend client Member Packs you can do this on the day the Closure Starts to ensure you get everyone using.

  1. Client Member Package Expiry Extend in Bulk

To set your closures:

  1. Go to the Schedule Page
  2. Click the “Display Options” button bottom left.
  3. Click the “Set Closure” button.
  4. It will ask you to set a display name for the Clients Login Area
  5. Set Start Date = The first day of which there are no more sessions
  6. Set Finish Date = The day before sessions restart.
  7. After the Set Closure button is clicked it will check for any Money Paid bookings between those dates.
    • If yes then you will be asked to Refund those Invoices manually.
  8. Then it will check for any Package paid bookings and refund and cancel the bookings between those dates. 
  9. It will remove all the sessions for those dates. 
  10. It will enter a “AllDay” session into each of the days with the name set above. E.g.”Closed for Holidays”