SendGrid Email Checking

SendGrid offers views into what happened to the email after it left Bookings Essential. Regular email servers do not offer this insight.

Lets look at the scenario where someone says they’re not getting email.

Step 1. Check Bookings Essential – “Reports – Email Summary” to see if they are getting sent to SendGrid.

a. A result “OK” means Sendgrid accepted the challenge from Bookings Essential of sending the email on your behalf.

Step 2. Login to your SendGrid account. –

a. Your Login Details are Stored in Bookings Essential “Settings – Mail Settings”.
i. Click the “Show” button for Password

Step 3. Open up the “Suppressions” menu

a. Global Unsubscribes

i. See if the Client has generally (or accidentally) Unsubscribed from you.
1. If so clear the Unsubscribe using the “Cog” button top right.

b. Group Unsubscribes only applies if you are using your SendGrid account to send out Newsletters using the SendGrid Interface (i.e. Not Bookings Essential)

c. Bounces

i. These are usually incorrect email addresses (usually)
1. If the address is “Rejected” or “Does not Exist”

a. Go back to Bookings Essential and delete the email address because its wrong.
b. Ask the Client for a correct Email address.

2. If another reason then ask the Client for another address.
3. Clear the Bounces using the “Cog” button top right.

d. Spam Reports – Are rare – I’ve never seen one.

e. Blocks

i. These are usually due to the SendGrid Email Server you are connected to being used for Spamming purposes by other users.
ii. These are usually the Microsoft Mail Servers like Hotmail, Live and sometimes Yahoo.

1. If the address is blocking due to SPAM Blocker
a. Ask the Client to put you on their Safe Senders List.

i. If they don’t know how to so it they should google how to or look it up on their email help.

b. Ask the client if they have another email address
2. When you’ve finished reviewing the Blocks you can clear it using the “Cog” button top right.

f. Invalid

i. These are almost always incorrect Email Addresses or bad email address formatting.

a. Go back to Bookings Essential and delete the email address because its wrong.
b. Ask the Client for a correct Email address.

g. Unsubscribe Groups is not used by Bookings Essential

Step 4. Review the Activity and Search for the Client in question.

a. Enter the Client Email Address and click the “Search” Button.

b. A list of Emails to the Client will appear.

c. Click on those emails to investigate further

d. Click on the Error to find out why.

e. Based on what information is provided your should be able to make a call on what to do with the clients email address.

i. There’s really only 2 options.

a. Try Again

b. Ask the client for a different email address.