Security Increase

Over the previous year, and to date, there has been a notable increase in Internet Security breaches resulting in the loss of “Personal Information” of type “Identification Data”.

This is becoming very concerning as the potential for this information the be used in further internet scams could result in the scams being more successful, and those being scammed financially decimated.

Bookings Essential does not, by default, request (or enforce requests) “Drivers Licences”, “Passports”, “Tax File Numbers” or any information that could be used to be used as 100 Points of identification data.

Regardless of this Bookings Essential is working hard to ensure that even “non-sensitive” personal data is well protected.

While people are genuinely concerned about scamming activity, unfortunately, their own user passwords do not reflect this. 

And so, commencing Saturday 4th of February 2023, commencing in the Instructor Application

  • We will be enforcing the strengthening of all passwords deemed substandard.

We trust you understand and also approve of this as per the reason stated above.