Promo Codes

Promotional Codes

Increase your sales by offering special promotions.

You can do this by creating a promotional code for clients to enter into your website to receive discounts on your products.

To set this up:

  1. Go to Settings / Promo Codes.
  2. Click the Add New link button to enter the promo details
  3. Add a Promotion Name
  4. Give it a Promo Code of at least 8 Characters
  5. Specify how many times a client can use the code – Generally once.
  6. Specify an Expiry date for the promotion
  7. Apply a discount type and value e.g.
    1. %25
    2. $10
  8. Optionally set a sort order for this promotion in your promo code listing.
  9. Check the check-boxes of the packages and or products that the discounts will apply to.
  10. Click Save Promotion



Clients will then be able to use the promo code that you distribute to them as per the images below: