Microsoft Outlook365 Integration


This integration initially connects your Microsoft Office 365 account to Bookings Essential so that Outbound Emails from the system are from your Business.

It will store a copy of your outbound emails in your Outlook Sent Folder while removing the requirement for special passwords to be created for Emailing on your behalf securely.

To connect your Office365 Account to Bookings Essential:

  1. Go to the Settings- Email Settings Page
  2. Scroll to the section “Choose Email Server Settings”
  3. Click the “Outlook 365 – Connect” button.
  4. The will be an authentication pop-up from Microsoft
    • Please complete the identification process
    • Click the MicrosoftPop up “Accept” button
  5. If successful you will be notified and told to Test it
  6. Click the “Save Server Settings” button.
  7. Click the “Send Test Email” button
    • Send yourself a Test Email
  8. Al going well you will receive an Email from your Outlook365 Mail Account in a few seconds and you can check it by viewing your 365 Mail Sent Folder.

Please be aware for the best deliverability:

If you have a website, consult your Website Manager or Internet Service Provider and include the following BE servers in your DNS SPF record.

Send them this:

For best deliverability please ask your Website Manager to
add the following to your Domain SPF record:

+ip4:    +ip4: