Merge and Delete Duplicate Clients

Merge and Delete Duplicate Clients

Sometimes your clients might accidentally make a second account with a new email address.

Currently Bookings Essential only has one Email address field and this is used as a clients username so that they can log into your system and make bookings.

You will need to check with the client if the new email address is the one they want to keep.

To merge the accounts:

  1. Go to Reports & Letters.
  2. Click on the “Client List” report.
  3. Search for the client you want to merge
    1. In our example below it is “Jane Sloane”
  4. Choose the account with the most correct contact details
      This is the one you should keep
  5. Copy the “Client ID” number of the one you want to merge and delete into the first Merge and Delete field
  6. Copy the “Client ID” number of the one you want to keep into the second “into Client ID” feild.
  7. Click the Merge and Delete Button..

This will merge all invoices, packages, bookings, etc from one into the other so that all are combined.

Note:  The contact details being merged “into” (i.e. client id on the right in image below)  stay and the one merging from (on the left) will be deleted.