Health Fund Claim Compliant Invoices

Creating an Automated Health Fund Claim Compliant Invoices automatically (example below) 


A) Client Health Fund Label (like HCF,DVA,…)

Any new client information “Field” can be created in “Settings-Other Details” and then simply go to each client and enter the value. Tutorial here…


B) Pack Usage Breakdown 

This can be set to show always in “Settings-Payment Settings”, as can all the options displayed at the top of the Invoice.


C) Hicaps Item codes 

Go to “Settings-Session Types” – Check “Show Item Codes” bottom right.

You can then Edit any Session Types to Add/Change/Remove Item Codes, and choose if to be displayed on Invoices.


D) Practitioner Provider Numbers 

Create the Field in “Settings-Other Details” for Staff and check “Display in Invoice”

The Go to “Settings-Staff” and “Edit” the practitioners’ “Other Details” and add their “Provider Number”