GMail Email Servers (Secured)

GMail Servers are (in our opinion) the most reliable servers for client email delivery due to growing SPAM rates with other email providers.

If you have an existing email server for “” then follow steps in Part A… otherwise if you are going to use a regular Gmail account go straight to Part B


Part A – Link your domain email

Note: You will need your Business Domain email server login credentials for this operation

  • Go to your Gmail Account
  • Go to the Settings

  • Go to “Accounts and Import”
  • Click on “add another email address”
  • A pop up will appear… enter your Business Name and Email Address
  • Do NOT check “treat as an alias”
  • Click “Next Step”

  • Enter your SMTP (outgoing) email server for your business domain email

  • Enter the Username (which is usually the email address)
  • Enter the Password
  • Enter the Port Number and secure connection type.
    • Most SMTP Servers will allow a TLS connection on Port 587
  • Click “Add Account” and Gmail will then try to verify that those credentials are correct.
    • This must be successful before you can continue

You will return to the Settings

  • Make your Business Domain Email the “Default”
  • Select “Always reply from Default address”
  • Set “Sender Information”

NOTE: Additionally we recommend going to the “Forwarding…” menu and setting up a forwarding rule to send all emails to your Business Domain email address


PART B:  Securing your Gmail for Sending with Bookings Essential

Securing your Gmail means Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for new devices trying to use your account.

Once a device has been verified it is not usually challenged with 2FA by GMail again.

Note: If you have a G Suite account go to – “Security” – Basic Settings – Less secure apps … and check the “Allow users to manage their own insecure apps” and click the save button.

Then go to :

  • Click on your Google Account icon
  • Click on “Manage your Google Account

  • Select “Security” menu
  • If 2-Step Verification is not turned on then turn it on and work through the process.
    • When you are finished then return to the Google Account Security page
  • Click on “App Passwords”  or Click Here to Go there…

  • Select the App… Choose “Other (custom name)”
  • Enter “Bookings Essential Email”
  • Click the “Generate” button.

  • Copy the generated password (There are no spaces)

  • Click “Done” 

You can now exit your Gmail account.

Login to Bookings Essential admin –

  • Go to “Settings-Email Settings”
  • Select “Use Domain SMTP Server”
  • Enter “” into SMTP Server
  • Enter your gmail account email address into SMTP Username
  • Enter the generated App Password from your google account for “Bookings Essential Email” (There are no spaces in the password)
  • Enter “587” into the SMTP Port
  • Check “SSL Enabled”
  • Click the “Save Email Settings” button.

Then test that everything works by clicking the “Send Test Email” button.

Ensure the test email result is “Email Sent”

If you have any trouble please contact us for assistance.