Direct Debit Client Bank Account Change

Sometimes clients who are being direct debited may want to change how they pay (either Bank Account or Credit Card)… or just update it due to card/account changes, card loss… etc.

It is illegal for Business staff to do it for them as they must check various “agreement” checkboxes which are “Binding” !

The client must be presented with a secure page to enter their details and only they can do it. 

  1. Go to “Clients-Direct Debits”
  2. Select the debit
    • Check out the “Next Debit Date” in the schedule below
  3. Edit the debit
  4. Set next debit date.
  5. Save and email client.

When the client opens the email they will be presented with a “Agreement” link from which they can enter new details.

Ideally you’ll have set up a (Email) “Template” in Settings-Templates to assist with repeated use.