Course Management Case Study

Course Management Case Study

On the 18th of August the team at Fortify Fitness decided to enter a Team of their clients in to the "Tough Mudder" sydney event.

The aim was to get people into an outdoor personal training program with an overall goal of competing in the Tough Mudder event at the end. And have fun in the process.


  • First they created the Event in Bookings Essential:




  • Then they chose the Sessions that they wanted to be part of the course and put a price on it.




  • Then they created a promotional video and sent it via facebook to all their clients.


  • Their Clients then went to their website and made the booking and payment.





Bookings Essential Booked the Clients into all their Sessions automatically and sent out the sessions reminders 2 days prior to each training Session.


The Training Course was booked out in 10 days.


Please contact us if you would like a brief demonstration.