Client Account Credit

Sometimes you may want to run an account with a client rather than have them buy a set package….

or… put away extra Money they have paid into a “Account” with you.

Please make sure you read the important notes at the bottom of this page

To give someone account credit with your business: 

  1. Click on the “Point of Sale” menu
  2. Check the “Account Credit Payment” checkbox.
    1. Do not select a product from the dropdown beside it.
  3. Enter the Amount received and the Payment method.
  4. Click the Pay Now button.
  To use the credit: 

  1. From any of the POS, Package or Bookings Payment pop ups..
  2. Select “Account Credit” from the payment method dropdown menu.

Important Notes:

  1. The Credit will be used to Automatically to pay off unpaid bookings.
    1. You can turn this “OFF” per client who has account credit, as per diagram example shown.
  2. At this stage the client cannot use the credit online themselves on your website
    1. This is under construction
  3. A history of the Credit usage will be tracked in the “Client-Invoices” page by clicking on the relevant Invoice.
    1. The Payments section of the Client-Invoices
  4. If Account Credit is low, it can be used to “Part-Pay” for a sale.
    1. Click here for part payment training…
  5. Account Credit will accumulate if another account credit payment is made and the credit total will be displayed in Green in the top right of any payment pop up window.