Client Discounts

Sometimes you may want to give special clients permanent discounts.

Examples include:

  • Seniors who might be on a pension and you give them a full-time concession on the full price of a member pack.


  • Staff members who do classes.

Bookings Essential allows you to set specific clients specific discounts on selected items.


This alleviates the use of potentially insecure “Promo codes” or Cheaper Member Packs offering the same access to services but at a reduced price.

  • These are insecure because anyone could use them online if they got hold of them.


BE Client Discounts are automatically allocated both in-house (make a payment in the Admin system) and Online (when the clients login and make a purchase).



To set which products and services have discounts:

  • Go to “Settings-Session Types/Member Packs/ or Products”
  • edit the item
  • check “Allow Client Discount” and update.


To set up which clients get discounts on the selected products and services:

  • Go to “Clients-Contact Details”
  • click the “Client Discounts” button
  • Then enter discount type (% or $) and the value
  • and click the corresponding save button