Features For Clients


Website Integration & Colour Matching

  • Mobile Friendly interface allows clients to manage there own bookings.
  • Remote assistance to insert the client access application into your website.
  • Graphics and Colour matching to your chosen colours and back ground themes.
  • See examples here...
  • See interactive demo here...



Online Bookings & Payments

  • Clients can book appointments and sessions and purchase session packs from your website.
  • Instant online payments through through Stripe
  • Bookings Essential sends notifications of online activity, bookings and payments via email directly to you.





Membership Pack Usage

  • Clients are able to see all there previous session history as well as the usage of any packages that paid for those sessions.
  • If the client is sharing their package with a spouse or child they can see who has used the package and when.
  • Private notes you make are not displayed on the Client Website Access


Online Product Sales

  • Through Bookings Essential you can Set up products for sale online or in you place of business.
  • Your special clients can also be set up to receive discounts.





K.I.S.-"Keep It Simple"

An important part of the client website access is to K.I.S., yet still provide your clients with everything they need.

We let them check their current bookings, view the schedule and make new bookings, check their pack usage and most importantly... buy new packs and products.