Online Session Management

Keeping your business sessions and appointments available where ever you are.

Appointments & Group Sessions

Quickly set up your session schedule with single or recurring appointments for all of your professionals.
Outlook style calendaring for your practice professionals with their own colour coded column makes it easy to see at a glance availability.
Appointments can be created effortlessly by selecting the client, the time of the appointment and then the appointment type.

Client Package Management

If you sell 10 Packs, 5 Packs, unlimited time based packs or even "Combo" packs Bookings essential will track the client usage of these and count them down.
When clients are close to reaching their expiry limit the system will automatically send reminders to them to asking them to renew their packages.
Clients are able to log in at their own convenience and see where they are up to on their packages and then purchase more as required.

Automated Waitlists

If you have sessions with clients waitlisted in them and a booked client cancels out online, the waitlisted clients will fill the spot and be contacted automatically. This way Bookings Essential is working behind the scenes to keep your sessions full while you do other things.

Staff Access & Self Management

Your staff are able to login from anywhere to see when their next appointment or session is and who is booked in. You can give the staff limited access which does not allow them to view sensitive client personal details.

Automated Reminders

Your clients are sent automated reminders for their Bookings via email or, if required, SMS Gateway. This keeps your business in the front of their minds and does increase bookings and attendance by a significant factor. Your clients will also receive reminders of when their Memberships or Packages are going to expire which they can then renew online in their own time.

Direct Debiting

The best way to collect money from your clients is by direct debit. It means consistent payments so you can really count on a cash flow for your business. Bookings Essential is integrated with eDebit to provide this essential business service.


Bookings Essential allows you to set up mailing groups and create letters for bulk emailing which you can set to be sent either immediately or at a predetermined time. We also integrate into Mailchimp so you can track the mail open rates and comply with the appropriate anti-spamming laws.