Client Website Access

Keeping your business sessions available to new and existing clients where ever they are.


Website Integration & Colour Matching

We work with you or your website manager to insert the client access application right into your website. We also colour match the application to your web colours so that the overall impression to your clients is seemless. This way your clients will never be confused about who's business they are booking into or purchasing items from. - Demo Page

Online Bookings & Payments

Your clients are able to purchase sessions and packages from your website and book into appropriate appointments. Notifications of all online activity is emailed to you and is registered in the opening page of the administration application. In this way you can easily stay across all the online events of your business.

Membership Package Usage

Clients are able to see all there previous session history as well as the usage of any packages that paid for those sessions. If the client is sharing their package with a spouse or child they can see who has used the package and when. Private notes you make are not displayed on the Client Website Access

Secure Client Sign up

New clients are able to sign up securely and easily using email address verification. Once they are signed up they can then commence purchasing packages and booking appointments. You control which sessions new clients can book in to and, if you don't want new clients to sign up at all, you can control that too.

Online Product Sales

An online store is also built in to the Client Website Access. Setting up products for sale online or in you place of business is very easy and you can choose to add an online payment fee if you wish. Your special clients can also be set up to receive discounts.

Item Hover Descriptions

More information can be made available to your client website access page with the use of hover descriptions. These can add details to sessions in the schedule, or the qualification of an instructor, or describe the sessions a package allows access to.

We keep it simple

An important part of the client website access is its simplicity and yet still providing your clients with everything they need. We let them check their current booking, view the schedule and make new bookings, check their pack usage and buy new packs and products.