tomfarrelAfter looking around at many other applications and programs for booking my clients, I have come to the one that is the right fit for me. Not only is it simple in its design, layout, and interaction, my clients and future prospects can schedule their sessions with me any times I have listed.

Thomas Farrell

Personal Trainer and Business Owner


Review – Rozelle PilatesBookings Essential has been such a fantastic product for my private pilates studio. I grew from a small business to a larger business very quickly and couldn’t keep up with all the paperwork and the behind the scenes work.

This program has allowed me to do what I love to do best, look after my clients and train them with lots of energy and enthusiasm, without being over loaded with the day to day running of the “behind the scenes” work.

I specifically chose an Australian brand incase I needed to speak with someone about the booking program. They have been there with my business from the start and I cannot thank them enough for all their time, effort and assistance. They have always been available and more than happy to help with questions anytime of the day, night or weekend.

Love my Bookings Essential program. It has made my life and running my business so much easier.

Lizzie Watson

Business Owner and Instructor

Pilates Rozelle

Review – Pilates Insyncawwards-newBookings essential has been one of the best investments for my studio. My turnover doubled within a month of installing the software.
The program is extremely user friendly, versatile and together with outstanding customer service.

I strongly recommend this software for any Pilates studio large or small.

Helen Stamatakos

Pilates Insync

Review – Camberwell Pilates & YogaBookings Essential is a central part of our business. It has enabled us to grow our business seamlessly over the past 3 years, while at the same time reducing many of our administrative tasks.

It allows customers to manage their own bookings and payments, leaving us to concentrate on providing premium classes and health services.

We are always impressed with the support and service from the BE team, and can strongly recommend it to all studio owners.

Zoe Ryan
Director – Camberwell Pilates & Yoga

CamberwellLogo 03 9882 4747
Level 1, 574 Burke Road, Camberwell

Review – Pilates WorksInteresting feedback from a client today – he has been doing two sessions of Pilates per week – one with me & one with someone else.

He has decided to take a break but when he returns, he will come back to me because of the ease of using the online booking system. Cool, eh?

Robyn Rix

Pilates Works

Review – Hudson Barry / Glow Sydney PilatesI originally worked with Bookings Essential back in 2006, but my studio was small and I was still trying to understand what my software needs were. I couldn’t really articulate what I wanted v’s what I needed, how I wanted something to look v’s what was possible.

The studio continued to grow, as did my children and my need for time efficiency became pressing and I put on another instructor.

As my mind went to thoughts of expansion I again started looking at software options. I wanted a system I could access from home and liked the idea of clients being able to access a schedule online to take greater ownership of booking their class (or at the very least being able to decide what was available without having to phone or sms me all the time).

So I figured I needed a system based online and decided to try a US based online software system as I liked how they’re system looked. Trouble was, for someone that is predominantly working on their own I couldn’t manage to secure enough time (within USA timezone) to set it up properly.

I also found it incredibly more complex to set up than I figured it needed to be. I was challenged by the concept of locking in certain decisions and not being able to easily negotiate changes. I didn’t want to set up in a manner that locked me in to working a certain way.

I also decided I didn’t like the fact that potential clients needed to surrender details to view availability as I figured this would prevent some from looking around, I know it would for me. I like to look and gather info, make a decision and then call and book.

Now maybe that process could be opted out of, I’m not sure but again it seemed complicated and time consuming. So in 12months of “hire” I still hadn’t “launched” the system and reached a point of complete futility and frustration.

This program was clearly not a match for my personality. I decided I needed something more flexible and I had noticed other studio’s utilising BE which now offered an online schedule. So I decided to call them and check out what BE was now offering.

To my delight, they too had progressed over the 4 years and had upgraded some of the issues I previously found challenging. They had even “prettied” up various screen views and seemed to have options that now matched what I was looking for.

They even showed me a way I could log into my system from home (or while on holidays) giving me the flexibility I needed to run my studio and manage my family time! Having an Australian based support system is absolutely far superior, They not only “get” my version of computer language they have a sense of humour.

If I find a bug or need something addressed it gets done quickly and wherever possible my quirks are met. I now enjoy the fact that my clients can peruse my schedule and email their requests to book an extra class or alter their booking without fuss and new clients can see how busy we are and tend to phone in very keen to get in quickly before everything is booked out. Now that all clients can see how busy we are, they tend to value their appointments a lot more

Thanks Bookings Essential, my life is now a little more congruent.

Melissa Barry