More then just Business Management Software

Bookings Essential is constantly innovating new ways to make businesses run more efficiently and profitably. It's more than just making bookings and sending emails. We strive to find ways to grow businesses and help people collect their money.

We are passionate that all business be able to direct there own path of success.

This is easily achievable when they understand their customers motivations and behaviour. This information is accumulated automatically by their customers provided each business chooses to collect it.

In any business your organisational appearance highlights your commitment to being the best and gives your customers the confidence to believe you provide a service not found elsewhere.

Your existing customers and your repeat business represents 70% your income. Who are your customers? And how can you ensure repeat business?


We’ve been specialising in Pilates Studios since 2001 and are an integral support provider to the Pilates Alliance of Australasia. We know that Pilates Studio's operate with a personalised touch and concentrate on either 'Monthly Terms' or selling 10 Packs and have optimised the software with this in mind.

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Yoga studio's allow for a wider group community and it's paramount that for any given class your clients can be checked in as efficiently as possible. Our combination of auto-allocated direct debit packages with fast member barcode scanning ensures rapid client entry to your classes.

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Personal Training

Personal trainers biggest issue is a regular cash flow. We integrate directly into eDebit direct debiting to allow personal trainers to automatically allocate their clients with session packages with every direct debit. This increases reliable payments and decreases administration effort.

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Martial Arts

Martial Art Studio's are highly specialised training centers requiring a rich array of management disciplines. We make this easier by automating as much of the administration processing as possible and allowing clients to make online bookings and payments.

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We understand that Dance studios offer many varied types of tuition & events and this is made easier with logical scheduling. We also ensure that our integration with your websites is perfectly colour matched to enhance your clients perception of your training professionalism.

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